The RLS-Tech is an international and dynamic company registered as a limited liability company (GmbH) since 2012, with the subsidiaries Nawras International GmbH and RLS Jordan GmbH, which are also headed by Managing Director, Mohamad Fadli. Mr. Fadli contributes expert knowledge and competence, accumulated during more than 20 years of professional activity in the waste management sector and regeneration of residual materials. The RLS-Tech is well prepared for the international stage due to Mr. Fadli’s preceding work for the Austrian embassy in Jordan, which also contributes to the unique, cosmopolitan image of the RLS-Tech in the industry, and allows us to have an effective appearance on the economic platform. This, among other things, gives the company its innovative and global profile and enables RLS-Tech to offer to you, vital services on the cutting edge of current technology and worldwide business. In steadfast cooperation with our reliable, both domestic and foreign partners, we pursue the aim of providing you with best possible – and environmentally sensitive Services.